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RPA – Robotic Process Automation

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is at the forefront of human-computer technology and provides players in the industry with a virtual workforce that is ruled based and is set up to connect with your company’s systems in the same way as your existing users. With robotics, you automate and build an automation platform for you front office, back office and support functions.

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5 Factors in Choosing Which Processes to Automate

Employee Involvement
“99% of organizations still spend considerable personnel time doing repetitive manual tasks, with almost three quarters (74%) spending over a quarter of their time doing so.”
Complexity of a process can be defined by the number of applications/systems, the frequency of human intervention, or the number of steps required in order to execute the task.
Organizations do not have a defined set of opening hours, meaning a high volume of orders, requests, and complaints are received around the clock, regardless of weekends and holidays.
Standardization and Stability
RPA is best most suited for automating tasks that are highly definable and occur the same way every time. These activities are be rules-based, consistent and data driven.
of Outsourcing Many business activities, especially in financial services, require a high level of regulatory compliance. This kind of security is often difficult to achieve and maintain with offshoring because companies have a lesser degree of oversight and direct control when processes are managed by a BPO provider.

How does it work?

RPA is machine and software automation that frees humans by mimicking human activity in manual, tedious, repetitive, rules-based transactions, processes and workflows, initiating responses and communicating with digital systems.

✓ Multi-system access (SAP, Oracle, AX, CRM, Excel / Access, legacy systems, other 3rd Party systems..)
✓ Clearly defined rules-based processes, Limited exceptions and human intervention
✓ Structured sets of data Documentation and standardized transactions.
✓ Deep SAP integration, low-cost implementation and Quick Deployment [ Around 3 to 4 Weeks]
✓ Simple, Frequent, repetitive, fast automation for business users to any areas of SAP
✓ No Manual data input from human and no errors. [ Fully Automated front office / Back office Robo]
✓ Reduce operational costs, increase efficiency, improve productivity and accelerate performance.

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RPA reduces manual processes, saves time and money.

RPA is an emerging automation technology that manages, executes and monitors any repetitive front-office and back-office processes that do not require human judgment, allowing employees to focus on the more sophisticated tasks.

In other words, RPA software allows developers to tailor complex automations to a company’s processes. When an RPA robot is at work, it performs tasks just like a human activity like logging in, operating applications, entering data, performing complex calculations and logging out.

This is a cutting-edge digital solution that will capturing and interpreting existing applications for processing a transaction, include data entry, data verification, copying and pasting of data, data conversions, selection, interfacing between several applications, reports generation, triggering responses and communicating with other digital systems.

Glosap will provide you with perfect Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that aims at automating and integrating data with manual activities. RPA is used across diverse industries such as Manufacturing, Trading, insurance, banking, Finance and logistics.

SAP RPA – Front office Robo

The customer is an essential part to the success of every business. While back office automation is important in order to alleviate strain and provide support to the front office, front office automation can completely transform how companies interact, communicate, and engage with their customers.
RPA in the front office can: "assist your agent, making them more productive and improving your customer experience with shorter transaction times, reducing manual errors and avoiding the highly irritating repeat questions for the same information. It can also open up new channels of communication on your existing systems such as responding to customer’s balance enquiries by text.

SAP RPA – Front office Robo

It’s true that a lot of business processes perfect for RPA are traditional back office tasks – HR, Logistics, SCM, Finance & accounting, moving data between databases, etc. In today’s business environment, leading enterprises need up-todate, innovative ways to optimize workflows in the back office. Moving data between multiple applications and systems, handling complex data entry, and keeping records updated are processes that cost a lot of time and money and are inevitably prone to human error. By automating these repetitive tasks and eliminating redundancies, robotic process automation enables you to gain operational efficiency and speed and delivers fast ROI.

Critical First Step - Process Discovery

A good business requirements document (BRD) and Process Definition Document (PDD) helps to execute automation projects “run like factory” with predictable outcomes and on time…

• Process Selection for Automation
 • Business impact
 • Benefit
 • Timing
• Transaction Selection by Robot
 • By Type
 • By Value
 • FIFO, LIFO, Random
• Existing Process Maturity
 • Garbage In, Garbage Out

RPA for Finance Automation ( SAP \ Oracle \ AX \ FINANCE )

Finance - Pre-calculated credit to a customer’s account

The Standard process performed by a Financial Person is as follows:
✓ The Financial Person runs a report in ERP to extract the payment record of a specific customer for the last 3 / 6 months.
✓ The data from the report is copied into a spreadsheet to analyse the risk, and calculate a revised credit rating.
✓ The credit limit is then applied to the customer’s account in the ERP System.
✓ The system will do the credit check & block the order after that.