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What is SAP Blockchain....?

SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain service, is blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) provides the easiest, lowest-risk gateway to experimenting with distributed ledger technology in the cloud. Eliminate the need for a large upfront capital investment and fast-trackblockchain implementation across your business.

SAP Cloud Platform Blockchainconnects to any supported blockchain network via a cloud service on SAP Cloud Platform. SAP HANA Blockchain establishes a link between this cloud service and SAP HANA, which results in a representation of on-chain data in SAP HANA as a set of regular column store tables.

Blockchain technology while driving innovation generates new data silos that needs to be unified with existing system of records. Especially at such early stage of adoption, companies can have some transactions executed on blockchain while executing others with different mechanisms.

For reporting and regulatory purposes all the data needs to consolidated, analyzed, and presented. To streamline processes, a single business application will have to interact with multiple transaction environments—including blockchain and traditional enterprise transaction systems. A unified development and deployment platform is needed to support such hybrid application architecture.

With SAP HANA Blockchain, companies can leverage blockchain innovation for better trust, traceability, and transparency while getting real-time insights from all transactions and streamlining business processes across the entire business landscape.

Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain has long been resonating beyond the walls of the software industry. Every day, messages circulate about the development of the Bitcoin price index, while startups are competing to create the next earth-shattering business model based on this technology.

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Why SAP for blockchain?

Business Process Centered At SAP, our approach to blockchain focuses on more than just the technology. Use cases, business value, and impacted processes are paramount – and data quality and integrity are ensured from the get-go.

Networks Experience Combining your company’s digital core with a vibrant and active business network is key to blockchain success. SAP lives and breathes business networks – and can help you integrate seamlessly and securely.

BaaS Abstraction Layer Our BaaS solution includes an abstraction layer that supports open standards, offers built-in integration with SAP applications – and insulates you and your partners from the technology’s volatility.