About us

Keeping up with the evolving mobile technology and implementing the enterprise applications on mobile might look a daunting task. Glosap mobile-enables the enterprise with its decades of industry experience, technological strengths, SAP Mobility solutions and strategic technology solutions.

Glosap's SAP Mobility service offering covers

  • Road Map and strategy creation for SAP Mobility service
  • Implementation of customized SAP packaged mobile solutions
  • Customized SAP mobile applications

At Glosap we incorporate the following before bringing about mobilization of your Enterprise

  • Analyzing the needs of your mobile users who will include employees, customers and/or partners
  • Evaluating the enterprise needs that are to be addressed with mobile solutions
  • Defining specific capabilities for enterprise mobilization
  • Proposing SAP packaged solutions or custom built applications
  • Implementing tailor made mobility solutions that addresses specific needs of the organization

Let your enterprise go mobile today in a secure manner

Glosap's SAP packages and systems for mobility can be either deployed immediately or can be customized based on your organization's need. They can either be provided on-premise or on cloud.

We help organizations unlock the benefits of mobility at ease.

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