About us

Glosap opens up a new world of self-service data visualization in a cost-effective manner for every business, be it small, medium or large. Each and every data has a value and we bring your data to life with SAP Lumira, the robust data visualization software.

Creating maps, interactive charts, infographics are made easy and accurate with Glosap's SAP Lumira service. You can share data stories with your team by just importing data from MS Excel or many other sources and performing a Visual BI analysis.

Data-driven insights for your organization is now made easy with Glosap's SAP Lumira service

Organizations to bring about optimal performance and better decisions rely on data insights. But the manual method of pouring down data onto excels sheets and trying to dig down for interpretations and meanings will absolutely pull us down and will kill away enormous time. This is where Glosap plays its role by integrating SAP Lumira, the self-service data visualization solution into your organizations IT infrastructure.

We provide the SAP Lumira solutions in customized manner just to suit the needs of your organization so that, your Visual BI approach will turn your business into a profitable one.

Now, either individual person or your teams can take-hold of the benefits of data insights with Glosap's SAP Lumira service. The light-weight in-memory solution paves way for analyzing, collaborating and sharing BI visualizations without hectic IT workloads.

We help you to deploy the solution on your PC within a short period of time without disturbing the day-to-day work, thus empowering your organization with a fast and secure way of data visualization.

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