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Core HR in SAP ERP automate, streamline, and extend your core HR processes. Core Human Resources in SAP ERP software covers workforce management, time and attendance, recruiting, payroll, and more-so you can fully leverage your employee's skills and drive growth.

With increasing size of business there come a lot of complications and issues that need to be taken care of on a day to day basis. This not only takes up valuable time but also requires manpower which ultimately impacts the productivity of the company. Having a robust system not only reduces the time taken to address these issues but also helps increasing the employee productivity resulting in higher profits. But most of the HR systems in the market are either expensive or not suitable for a Larger and medium enterprise as it does not address the pain points faced by a company of this size. You can simplify core HR administration with our human resource information system (HRIS) and employee portal. Fast-track compensation, benefits, and payroll processes-and improve contingent workforce management.

Attract, develop, and retain the right talent for your business - with our solutions for performance management, talent and recruiting acquisition, professional development, and succession planning.

Automate and accelerate processes for workforce scheduling, time tracking, and absence management- and offer easy employee self-services-with our solutions for time and labor management.

Empower and manage your workforce - and help your company succeed by leveraging Core Human Resources in SAP HCM ERP

Glosap HCM Team Automate employee administration, time management, payroll, and legal reporting processes, Support compliance with changing global and local HR regulations

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