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Rapid data insights has become an integral part of successful businesses today

The data-intensive and highly competitive world demands instant access to data insights. Glosap provides its customers with engineered SAP HANA solutions that help organizations to overcome the limitations of the traditional data warehousing technologies. Gaining accurate and instant access to mounds of data that are disparate is no more a tough task.

Glosap's SAP HANA service

The speed of availability of business information is highly increased with Glosap's SAP HANA solution. The enterprise class features offered by Glosap's outstanding SAP HANA service are:

  • Easy scalability
  • High performance
  • Flexible operating system
  • Recovery of disaster
  • Single-point-of-contact
  • Modular growth
  • Enterprise class flexibility
  • Development and production virtualization

Our innovative SAP HANA team of professionals

Glosap being an innovative IT solution provider has recognized the opportunities and technological quantum leap that SAP HANA provides and thus has built a team of professionals to explore and innovate the use of SAP HANA in multiple ways. These areas of exploration include innovations in the current business areas and SAP HANA performance benefits.

Glosap, as a full SAP service partner provides end-to-end SAP HANA services including

Implementation: Our SAP HANA professionals gain a clear understanding of your unique business needs and map the SAP HANA implementation scenario to the needs. With each phase containing defined deliverables, work packages and quality control measures, our implementation strategy follows the approach of plan-build-run.

Glosap hosted SAP HANA solution: If you are looking to leverage the entire suit of benefits of SAP HANA then Glosap hosted SAP HANA solution is the best choice.

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