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Global trading business is no more a mess. Glosap's SAP GTM serves as the perfect solution to control your global trading business.

A precise solution for your global trading business

As a company that operates worldwide, a solution that allows the easy and effective optimization of logistics and supply chain processes is highly essential. Apart from this, managing the most essential part of responding to the customers, suppliers and partners request quickly and precisely is made possible with the SAP GTM service.

Tailored to your needs

The solution is perfectly tailored to your needs and ensures transparent processes which are highly essential in globally active companies.

All under one roof

Bringing wholesalers, importers, material distributors, procurement department, exporters, sales team and much more under one roof makes it a breeze for companies to manage the entire business anywhere, anytime.

Optimized downstream processes

SAP GTM overcomes the regular blocks in downstream processes such as

  • The number of process steps
  • Manual effort
  • Cost

SAP GTM makes it easy to either use pre-configured processes or a tailored one according to the specific business model.

Pros of Glosap's SAP GTM service

  • Tailor made solution for your global trading business
  • Entire control on sales, purchase and other supply chain processes
  • Highly transparent trading processes
  • Minimized risk
  • Reduced processes
  • Profit control from the outset.

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