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Glosap, the innovation specialist makes your business run better than you have ever imagined. Backed with the team of implementation specialists, ERP consultants, and other highly essential teams, Glosap makes it easy for small and midsize business owners to manage their business much effectively.

SAP Business One solution from Glosap makes it easy for the business owners to make their organizations run in an effective and efficient way than ever before.

Innovation being the prime part of Glosap makes it easy for us to improve the organizational processes of global companies with SAP Business One, our experienced and knowledgeable consultants, and the B1 apps.

Manage the nook and corner of your business

An easy to implement and affordable business management solution that appropriately suits small and mid-size businesses is the one that ensures company growth.

SAP Business One is one-such outstanding solution and Glosap makes the implementation, maintenance and usage of the solution a breeze.

Controlling and automating the business processes and increasing the profitability is now affordable with Glosap's SAP Business One service.

Pros of SAP Business One consulting service from Glosap

  • Decades of experience of our SAP Business One consultants
  • Strategic solutions that have helped various businesses throughout the globe in achieving improved value
  • Our delivery group possesses the knowledge that is needed to ensure that the organization's system is used to its fullest capabilities
  • We monitor timelines, anticipate future needs and help reduce risk

Make sound business decisions with SAP Business One, the comprehensive business management solution. Let your managers and employees process information alike and effectively.

Glosap SAP Business One - Indian GST

  • GST the game changer: GST will be a game changing reform for Indian economy by developing a common Indian market and reducing the cascading effect of tax on the cost of goods and services. It will impact the Tax Structure, Tax Incidence, Tax Computation, Tax Payment, Compliance, Credit Utilization and Reporting leading to a complete overhaul of the current indirect tax system.
  • GST will have a far reaching impact on almost all the aspects of the business operations in the country, for instance, pricing of products and services; supply chain optimization; IT, accounting and tax compliance systems.
  • Government is committed to introduce GST by April 2017 and the tax payers need to be GST compliant to be able to test system changes in time. Depending on the operating geographies, size and sector and the changes would be substantial and may require a proactive planning with a time bound action plan.
  • In order to prepare for the implementation of GST, the companies need to understand the GST policy development and its implications to scenario planning and preparing a transition roadmap.
  • Glosap GST Team having Vast Knowledge and Implementation experiences in Global taxation projects and countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesian GST roll-outs. For Seamless and Quick deployment of Indian GST, Glosap team already working on Indian GST Templates for mutiple Industries, which can fit for SAP and Microsoft ERP Systems. For more details contact : sales@glosap.com.

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