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SAP Business Suite SAP S/4HANA is a bundle of business applications that provide integration of information and processes, collaboration, industry-specific functionality and scalability. SAP Business Suite is based on SAP's technology platform called NetWeaver.

Run a truly live business with SAP S/4HANA-an in-memory ERP suite that acts as the "digital core" of your entire enterprise.

SAP S/4HANA is the digital core-the nerve centre-of your entire business. It consolidates internal and external elements into a single, living structure that goes beyond traditional ERP. In other words, it connects all of your processes, provides you with live information and insights, and seamlessly integrates your enterprise with the digital world at large.

Glosap Team can help ypu tp deploy SAP S/4HANA which supports the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, real-time analytics, mobile, business networks, third-party systems, and more. It is immediate-empowering business users with insights to act in the moment. It is intelligent-going beyond automation to provide predictive suggestions. And it is integrated-not only among your departments, but with the world.

"Glosap - SAP S/4HANA is Immediate, Intelligent and Integrated"

Glosap SAP Business suite - Indian GST

  • GST the game changer: GST will be a game changing reform for Indian economy by developing a common Indian market and reducing the cascading effect of tax on the cost of goods and services. It will impact the Tax Structure, Tax Incidence, Tax Computation, Tax Payment, Compliance, Credit Utilization and Reporting leading to a complete overhaul of the current indirect tax system.
  • GST will have a far reaching impact on almost all the aspects of the business operations in the country, for instance, pricing of products and services; supply chain optimization; IT, accounting and tax compliance systems.
  • Government is committed to introduce GST by April 2017 and the tax payers need to be GST compliant to be able to test system changes in time. Depending on the operating geographies, size and sector and the changes would be substantial and may require a proactive planning with a time bound action plan.
  • In order to prepare for the implementation of GST, the companies need to understand the GST policy development and its implications to scenario planning and preparing a transition roadmap.
  • Glosap GST Team having Vast Knowledge and Implementation experiences in Global taxation projects and countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesian GST roll-outs. For Seamless and Quick deployment of Indian GST, Glosap team already working on Indian GST Templates for mutiple Industries, which can fit for SAP and Microsoft ERP Systems. For more details contact : sales@glosap.com.

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