About us

You can now close deals much faster than ever before and increase sales, by attracting the right prospects with Glosap's Microsoft Dynamics CRM service.

Glosap paves way for your organization to get the most out of the MS Dynamics CRM software. Be it the traditional software that is used on premise or the cloud based one; we are here to bring about perfect implementation through in-depth customization.

What Glosap offers?

Putting the right tools and information in the hands of the sales and marketing professionals is highly vital and this is achieved through MS Dynamics CRM. Glosap offers frameworks and tools that are industry specific and task specific, thus helping your organization efficiently and affordably integrate MS Dynamics CRM into the existing applications and IT infrastructure.

Few of our specific industry requirement targeted frameworks include:

  • Wealth Management Solution: Financial advisors can now much effectively manage client relationships through comprehensive information that will pave way for increased up-selling and cross selling. Our framework paves way for wealth management advisors to meet two important goals: developing new business and nurturing client relationships.
  • Healthcare Patient Management: The most important aspect of CRM in Healthcare segment is patient loyalty. A robust framework that has different modules for patient education and decision making for healthcare providers is highly essential to bring about successful healthcare patient management. Glosap provides you with one such customized framework.
  • Loyalty Management: Supporting promotional campaigns with a comprehensive software is highly essential and Glosap brings about automatic tier transitions, integration with point-of-sale and e-commerce portals etc.

Few of our functional extensions to our CRM clients are

  • Global search
  • Lead capture through Facebook
  • Territory assignment
  • Group calendar
  • Mobile App etc.

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