About us

Our Approach

There has never been more software available to companies and individuals than there is today, systems and applications that offer a bewildering array of possibilities, opportunities and not surprisingly unforeseen pitfalls.

The choice of In-house developed word processing or spreadsheet software is not normally challenging, but from then on things get a lot more complex, so making a new investment in business software merits careful consideration.

At Glosap, we understand software, we understand business and we understand how to use one to enable the other. Of course, having personnel with experience of multiple systems and multiple business sectors, helps us unravel our client\\\'s requirements, but more importantly it helps when it comes to proposing coherent, useable, stable and future proof solutions.

Our approach is both simple and straightforward. It can be broadly viewed as 8 key stages and although all of them are not always required, they are: Understanding, Configuration, Presentation, Proof, Planning, Implementation, Training and Support.

We've found that this approach to supplying business solutions delivers systems that are effective, future proofed and implemented with the minimum amount of disruption to our clients daily activities.

Our background

Since more than 8+ years, Glosap has been successfully supporting small and midsize companies as well as subsidiaries or branches of large enterprises in the implementation of business management solutions.

Our Team:

Our experienced teams accompany your business from the outset: We advise you both on the economic and technical use of business management and project management solutions. We introduce, implement, adapt or customize the software. In addition, we support you in training your staff and in the maintenance of the system.

Experienced staff:

One of our core competencies is the introduction of SAP Solutions. In the implementation of SAP Solutions, we focus on the accelerated implementation program of the SAP. The tried and tested, methodical approach ensures transparency and allows the timely processing of the projects.

Transparent procedure in the project:

As a rule, we conclude implementation projects within a few weeks. Glosap operates internationally in many projects. Therefore, our employees are also experienced to take into account country-specific features.

Competence in international projects:

Our service methodology has been designed for rapid results on SAP Business software implementations from the first day of the service engagement on. Our service option includes the following services for a standardized process model that ensures customers are able to achieve rapid system use and a quick return on their ERP/CRM investment:

Our team has deep experience in the following areas:

  • Software installation
  • System configuration
  • User and system administration training
  • System implementation
  • Data conversion
  • Business process modelling

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