About us

Effective infrastructure management solutions help organizations transform the IT landscape. Glosap offers a range of enhanced, customized and effective IT infra solutions.

The IT infra today is under immense pressure to operate at the speed of business which in turn means that the IT infrastructure must be able to quickly adapt to the market demand and the customers' needs.

Predicting change is a competitive advantage in the ever-changing digital landscape

In the highly competitive digital world remaining ahead demands predicting changes in the IT landscape even before it happens.

Glosap's IT infra services does just that, thus enabling organizations to stay in an ever-ready state.

We deliver companies with what is most important and critical for their success, which is nothing but faster and enhanced business.

Thus Glosap's IT infrastructure services are aptly termed as "Infrastructure accelerating business."

The Glosap's advantage

Glosap assures superior delivery of service that is aligned to client's business metrics through the proven strategy and methodology. The integrated service delivery model of Glosap puts us at the competitive edge.

We are unique due to our:

  • Transformation model that is highly analytics driven
  • Full service provider
  • Transparency and flexibility
  • In-depth tools and framework that is highly automated

Some of Glosap's IT infra services includes:

  • The digital Business agenda
  • Business cloud
  • Progressive convergence
  • Automation and industrialization
  • Smarter analytics
  • Big data services
  • Next-gen service platforms
  • Software defined network

Clients & Partners